What to eat to have Good Health?

Health food

To have good health, it is highly recommended that you :

  • Give preference to raw, seasonal, unprocessed products. This will limit the intake of additives (emulsifiers sweeteners, colorants …) whose effects are not well documented.
  • Use food supplements
  • Give preference to products that are grown in an area that uses less pesticides

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What to eat?

  • Fruits and vegetables: At least 5 portions per day of 80-100 g, depending on the preparation method (raw, cooked fresh, frozen, canned, or frozen). Avoid fruit juice and dried fruits.
  • Nuts with no added salt: A small amount per day is enough for those who aren’t allergic to almonds, walnuts or hazelnuts (pistachios and so on). ).
  • Pulses: At least twice per week: beans, lentils, chickpeas and dried beans. These are great sources of fiber, protein, and can be used to reduce meat consumption.
  • Cereal products: Every day, preferring wholemeal products and those that aren’t very refined (rice pasta, wholemeal bread etc. ).
  • Dairy products: Two portions per day, one serving corresponding to 150ml of milk and 125g yogurt, or 30g of cheese.
  • Meat: Give preference to poultry, and limit red meat consumption (beef/pork, veal/mutton, goat/horse, wild boar, doe, etc.) to 500g per week.
  • 2 portions of fish and seafood per week, with one portion each of salmon, mackerel or tuna. To limit contamination, you should vary the supply locations and species.
  • Limit your consumption of charcuterie to 150g per week
  • Limit on added fats
  • Use vegetable oils, such as rapeseed and walnut oil, instead.
  • Products with sweetened ingredients: To be limited, especially products that are both sweetened and fatty (e.g., desserts, pastries, dairy desserts, ice-cream).
  • Limit sweetened and watered down drinks to water. If they aren’t sweetened, tea, coffee, and herbal teas may increase water intake.
  • Salt: To be reduced. Avoid “hidden” salt in breads, prepared-made meals, cookies, and other foods. It is better to use iodized salt.

Also, do at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day, five days a week. To increase endurance, muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and coordination, it is recommended that you try different types of exercise.