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When to Cure Gout with Surgery?


Gout is a serious condition that can be treated by surgery. But there are many things you should consider before your doctor agrees to do this.  Treatment should be applied before surgery is recommended. Always go first for natural remedies:

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Gout’s four stages

Gout disorder can be divided into four stages.

1. This is the first stage of gout, where the uric acids level rises. However, people with this condition rarely experience gout and its symptoms.

2. The second stage is the acute, where a person with high levels uric acid in their body starts to feel more severe joint pains than what was experienced in the asymptomatic phase. This stage can last months to years. Gout attacks are not frequent enough to cause gout symptoms. Normal cases will feel the second attack in the 6th month.

3. The second stage’s gout disorder was not treated in the third stage. The result is that the joint pains become more severe and can also be accompanied by bursitis, or inflammation of the bursa. The bursa is a sac that contains the lubricating fluids for the joints. This is also when the gout attacks that developed in the acute stage of gout start to migrate to other joints, causing severe pains. The multiple gout pains can cause fever and almost complete immobilization.

4. Tophi, which is a visible lump of uric acid on the skin of gout sufferers, will develop if the multiple pains in the joints continue. These are signs of joint degeneration. The tophi pressure and swelling in the area around the joints is constant. It can lead to total immobility and deformity. Tophi is a condition that restricts joint mobility and causes pain.

Gout can also lead to other serious conditions, such as hypertension, albuminuria, or albumin protein found in urine, which is indicative of kidney disease, and Urolithiasis, which is the presence of stones in the urinary system. Gout sufferers will need surgery to relieve their crippling pain.

There are very rare cases where a person’s physical condition and body does not respond to any medication or treatment. These cases could be due to people who only take medications to relieve gout pains, but maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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When to consider surgery?

Tophaceous gout is a condition where the body develops tophus. This type of gout can be prevented by surgery. Before surgery is considered for these extreme cases, you will need to have certain medical qualifications:

1. Functional surgery is when the tophaceous condition of gout prevents the patient from wearing any type of footwear or pants.

2. The patient is completely immobilized.

3. To reduce or eliminate the pressure from the tophaceous stones, before any damage or deformities to the joint occurs. Gout surgery is not recommended for severe cases like tophaceous or severe cases.

If you are able to change your lifestyle and diet to prevent the development tophaceous, then why would you consider surgery? Choose natural medicine before it’s too late: Gout Natural Remedies.

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