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Psychological problems, such as stress or depression, excessive expectations, performance thinking, and fear, can also act as love inhibitors.

Is Erectile Dysfunction just a Mental Issue?

It was believed that erectile dysfunction was primarily psychological in origin. We now know it’s the opposite. Organic causes account for up to 90% of all erectile dysfunctions. However, it is not uncommon for a psychological component to creep in when a man notices erection issues and feels more pressure.

Psychological Signs

There are often signs of psychologically-caused erectile dysfunction in the course of the disease. If it happens abruptly or suddenly, or if it can been attributed to an experience or event. If it can be traced back at a specific event or experience. These cases usually result in the ability to have a good nocturnal or masturbate.

Nearly 90% of men suffering from major depression also experience erection issues. Men with erection issues have a threefold higher chance of developing depression.

Erectile Dysfunction can be caused by Mental Factors:

  • Depression
  • Restrictions on religious beliefs
  • Sexual phobias and Deviance
  • Fear of failure
  • Conflicts between partners
  • Sexual inhibitions
  • Different sexual preferences from the partner
  • Inflicted sexual abuse in childhood
  • Fear of Pregnancy and Venereal Disease

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